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ZOO Advertising | Business Cards

zoo-ad-manark-case-studThere is an exciting synergy between being a supplier that is renowned for pushing boundaries and attracting clients that strive to do the same.

Our relationship with Zoo Advertising, a leading advertising agency, based in Canberra spans several years. With a stable of high calibre clients coupled with longevity spanning over two decades as the ‘go to’ agency for goverment agencies, Zoo Advertising is an agency that has solidified a place within the design industry on a national basis.

Their work is diverse, intelligent, pushes boundaries with the clear objective of managing their client’s needs above all else.

Zoo Advertising is known for developing long lasting brands, commanding advertising campaigns and developed a strong force within their agency to address all areas in the digital arena.

Having worked on some amazing, challenging projects together, we at Manark are thrilled to be noted by their Production Manager Ben Florance as a printer with technical knowledge and willingness to always attempt a project that is slightly or vastly different from the normal.

Our production of the Zoo Advertising business cards came about with our usual in depth conversation with Ben. Discussing the brief, and understanding their true needs with this project.

When Ben first approached us of their idea to do a 2-ply business card, there was a very clear direction in concept that they wanted to follow and execute.

The brief being a business card printed black only on a bright yellow stock and a boxboard, laminating the two sheets together€™. Both parties needed to be mindful of the number of business cards they would need as reprints, especially with the successful growth of the business and understanding the cost outlay. Now based in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, Zoo Advertising wanted to ensure that their business card showcased who they are. A successful agency that works outside the

Top sheet: Kaskad Oriole Gold 270gsm Bottom sheet: Buffalo Board 283gsm Stock from KW Doggetts Fine Paper

Top sheet: Kaskad Oriole Gold 270gsm
Bottom sheet: Buffalo Board 283gsm Stock
from KW Doggetts Fine Paper

square with the expertise and creative flare to make what they do look unique, yet achievable. Always ensuring their concepts are strongly developed and executed with the high level of quality they are known to deliver to their clients.

Being able to do it for their own calling card, their business card, was critical.

To ensure that the team at Zoo Advertising were comfortable moving forward with their concept we arranged testing to be completed of the lamination using the specified stocks. In this instance the top sheet being Kaskad Oriole Gold 270gsm and bottom sheet Buffalo Board 283gsm, both from KW Doggetts. Aesthetically having the card in their hands as a sample made them feel as Ben describes it having €every base covered.

Both Manark and Zoo partnered well with this project, as always, ensuring an open channel of communication from both parties throughout the process even until after delivery.

From Manark’s technical recommendation standpoint, we asked how valuable that was to them in developing this brief throughout the process. To have a client respond

We always feel we’re in safe hands sending out print jobs to Manark

naturally as a supplier ticks all the boxes for us solidifying what we continue to strive for is reflected in how our clients see us.

Are you satisfied that the final product captured your expectation? Is there anything in the process you would do differently?

We love our cards! Such a simple idea and design required a production that was clean, effortless and perfectly executed. That’s exactly what we got. The only thing we’d do differently is print more!

Would you be happy to recommend Manark?

Always, and do

Ben Florance

Zoo Advertising


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