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Sustainable Option

Manark supports the ongoing movement of sustainable business practices. As a culture, we believe it is an important decision for Australian businesses to have a choice.

We are committed to partnering with our clients as a complete resource for all their printing requirements. Our team takes pride in providing communication solutions.

We believe in providing a project management style approach, a beginning to end philosophy.


We as your supplier will take you through the process ensuring that your publications communicate your commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes.

Internally our sales team has extensive experience in recommending appropriate stocks to ensure your publication’s message is communicated effectively. This encompasses both the environmental perspective, and the best selection of stocks to compliment your design and finishing techniques.

Our Printing systems allow us to go further than many otherĀ  ‘Green’ companies due to our primary equipment being ‘A.C’. Powered and not ‘D.C.’ Powered as per the majority of our industry. Being A.C. powered means that we do not convert the energy on site with the result, a lower power consumption of up to 35% per impression. In Australia Power in Printing is the biggest contributor to a higher carbon footprint, and should not be understated.


Although we do use some water in the production of print, all the water on our presses recycle through a filtering unit and continually feeds back into the press. Minimal virgin water is required utilising this method.

Partnering with Manark Printing you will achieve sustainable results.

Together we will ensure that you are kept informed to make responsible choices that make a difference.

Speak to one of our Account Manager’s to ensure that your next project communicates to your end client your dedication to corporate social-responsibility.