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Manark Printing | New Branding

PICA Awards 2012 Category 35 : Design awarded silver medal and, category 31 : Self-promotion awarded bronze medal

PICA Awards 2012
Category 35 : Design awarded Silver medal
Category 31 : Self-Promotion awarded Bronze medal

Pushing boundaries and attempting techniques is a common practice here at Manark.

Renowned in the industry for producing specialty print pieces, all of us at Manark are proud to wear that badge.

In saying that when it comes to branding, experience has taught us that it is through a partnership of open communication channels that the best results are achieved.

From concept stage we are involved in most branding projects. By the time we have the final artwork in our Pre-Press right through to delivery we take our role as custodian for others brands seriously.

When it came to looking at our brand, the timing was perfect. The merger had just occurred with
J & J Printing in early November 2011.



We had been working on our branding concepts and like most printers, clients work came first so ours took a back seat.

There was an excitement amongst us all and we wanted to celebrate our new position in the market as a printer that has the ability and experience to offer a one-stop experience for our clients. That really was the rationale in the design process of our business card.

Our canvas, a colourful array of intertwined circles that now features as the foundation of everything to do with Manark’s brand.

We were looking to achieve a clean, contemporary design that reflected the fresh new vibe we were all experiencing with the merger.

Our Stationery in this instance we wanted to keep crisp and felt that by separating the circular design and carrying it throughout the Letterhead, Followers and With Compliments Slips would achieve this. The common back of the Manark Silver was decided on to achieve a cohesion between the PMS 877 on the Business Card and also allowing us to introduce Manark’s refreshed logo of circles.



With so many elements we still wanted to communicate a blended delivery of our Stationery suite.

Our Business Cards, well, this is what we do!

Intricate, specialty printed pieces, with a dynamic approach.


  • 2 Ply card
  • CMYK
  • Two foils (Gold and Silver)
  • Blind emboss
  • Die Cut
  • PMS 877 printed UV.

For more information on please contact one of our Account Manager on

03) 9794 8337 or enquiries@manark.com.au